Win Gin! It's Reader Appreciation Day!


In case you hadn't noticed, I have been spending a LOT of time on Twitter, which I finally understand (sorta). I could not explain it to you if I tried, and I definitely could not explain why I spend SO much time there, but at least I get it now (kinda), and this makes me feel less stunted in the SocialMediaWeb2.0 world in which I theoretically work.

The point is, I heard through CityMama (see post below where she has opened my eyes to the magnificence of the cupcake caddy thingamajig) that HER friend, the OTHER mother, has declared April 16th to be Reader Appreciation Day.

And dearest, dearest Invisible Internet Friends, where on earth would I be without you?

(I shudder to think. Like, it's entirely possible that without blogs I would have been reduced to writing single-cat-lady poetry and I am not even kidding. Really, I'm not. Good grief. Thank you.)

So to really thank you for somehow finding time to stop by She Walks, I have decided to host a little contest! Woo!

I mean, I never do this kind of thing because it seems so weirdly pretentious, but I totally want give you something for real. For Real. So I'm trying to think of this as! And boozy! And exciting! (But mostly boozy!)

Here's how it'll work--
  • Step One: Cut a hole in the box Leave a comment. You don't have to be registered or anything, but please at least create some name that I can ID you with in the content of your comment along with your city and state. (This is just to try and preempt anonymous folks from posting too many times -- your city and state have to match the city and state I'd be shipping to if you won.)
  • Step Two: Specify which of the boozy goodness options you'd prefer.
  • Step Three: I will stop collecting names/comments on Friday, April 18 [corrected, and happy birthday Sizzle!] at 1:59 p.m. Pacific time. Any comment left after that time won't qualify. (Oooh, I'm getting technical!)
  • Step Four: I will put all the names on little pieces of paper and put them in a jar. I will then VIDEO the RANDOM name drawings. (I may or may not be the person pulling these names. Who's to say? But again, ::randomly:: because I could never choose.)
  • Step Five: I will post the winners' names and the video sometime next week. I'd love to pick a specific day, but hi. La la la laaaaaa....

And that is all there is to it. I ask that you please not submit your name more than once. I will only enter each name once. (See rules for anonymous commenters above.)

More importantly -- What do you win!?!? Well, that is a good question. And one I had to think about. A la, "What would make ME enter the contest?"

I came up with the following:

First Prize
  • $50 gift certificate to!
  • Either: A bottle of my favorite gin, bourbon, tequila, wine or champagne! Choice is yours! And if for some reason you do not like booze (??????), I will think of some other fabulous, gourmet drink substitute!
  • A guest blog post on here (but this is not required if you'd rather not -- by all means)!

  • Choice of bottle, same as above!
  • A guest blog post on here (still totally not required -- I'll send you booze regardless)!

Not exactly prize-rich, but hopefully enticing enough. Or at least, worth winning. Yeah? Sorta? Maybe?

In any case, my "favorites" are outlined below. Potential winners, take heed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For starters, I love gin. There are a lot of gin haters in the world, and that's okay. I don't judge you for being wrong.

Personally, I think martinis should ONLY be served with gin. (Note: I hate olives. I only order martinis with a twist. This lowers my credibility substantially.)

I get that gin has a very distinct taste and I get that it might not appeal to everyone. If you've only ever tried Bombay Sapphire, for example, you're not tasting all of the wonderful possibilities the gin world has to offer. Probably the best gin on the market is Plymouth. Try it before you write off gin forever.

Regardless, Hendricks Gin is my most favoritest of all. It is so fresh, and has a hint of cucumber, and if you drink it with a slice of cucumber or with a twist, it's positively deeeeelightful. (I also prefer adding soda instead of tonic to my carbonated gin drinks. I find it less sweet and more sparkling.)

Mmmmmmm! Tastes like a winner!

My second favorite (hard liquor) would have to be bourbon, though this is a very close second, and a clear winner in the colder months.

My parents' drink of choice was bourbon, so what can you do?

I have had a lot of fantastic bourbons in recent years, but for whatever reason I keep coming back to the Maker's Mark staple. I rather enjoy it, and I love it in a Manhattan.

Warm, smoky, lovely.

As for the tequilas, well. If your only experience with tequila is Jose Cuervo, or any tequila at all that isn't 100% agave, I'm sorry. Most people I know shudder when they hear the word "tequila" because they recall that one time in college (Cuervo) and that's all they'll ever think of. Sadly, if you have this instant-body-recall, even the good stuff won't NOT remind you of that fitful, fateful night and resultant morning.

That said, good tequila is a whole different story. When it's not fortified with sugar (which is what makes you sick, and what happens when it's not 100% agave), it's pretty darn good.

So, if you select the bottle of tequila, I'll pick Patron. You're welcome.

If you'd like wine...well. That is a LOT more challenging -- my favorite changes all the time. If it's wine you seek, not-yet-winner, we'll have to discuss your preferences.

Finally, champagne.

I. Love. Champagne. I drink champagne all the time, not just for special occasions. Or rather, because I think any day that didn't involve tragedy is a day worth celebrating.

Right now, my favorite FAVORITE champagne is a little bit sweet, a little complex, and frankly comes in gorgeous packaging that charms me. It's Sofia Coppola blanc de blanc.

You can get it in the bottle ~

the outer wrapping (yes, it comes like this)

the label, which i love (you can see the same design elements in my blog template, even)

AND, you can also get it in minis! MINIS!!!

That can? Not higher than a juice box. And yes, that's a STRAW it comes with. How can you not love this?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Those are my offerings to you, fine IIFs and real-life friends alike. I hope you like them. Good luck to all who wish to enter!

And thank you, so, so much for reading.



  1. what an awesome contest! I've been a lurking IIF since I found your blog on Craigslist back in 2005. Thanks!

    Clinton, MD

  2. Gin? Did I smell a picture of gin on the internet? Yes, thank you.

    San Francisco, CA <---easy shipping.

  3. That is some serious blogger appreciation!

    I'm in Chicago, IL and I think even if I don't win this contest (which I really hope I do!), I'm going to have to get some of that champagne. Seriously, the cuteness just sucks me in.

  4. As a gin lover myself, I have to 19345834975% agree with you on the Hendricks. I have to special order it locally, but it is worth it. The cucumber infusions are wonderful. I've drank it so much that going back to tanqueray is sad and required a splash of grenadine with the tonic.

  5. I live FAR too far away for you to send me alcohol, but I don't see why that should stop me entering.
    (ok logic isn't my friend just now, I blame the huge quantities of gin I consumed last night.)

    Oh I'm Madeleine, and I live in Sydney, NSW (australia)

  6. I've been lurking also... but this post, which includes my most favorite type of champagne (It comes in pink mini-cans! C'mon!), definitely persuaded me to comment. I love your blog by the way!

    Charlotte, NC

  7. I've been known to make a drink or two with gin. ;)

    But I require home delivery.

    San Francisco, CA

  8. While I heart both gin and Patron, if I won, I'd want to celebrate. With champagne!

    And I live in Madison, WI.

  9. You know, I might be the only person here who's never had a gin drink... so I'll pick gin! (I know, I'm utterly deprived... however, I do know some excellent tequila!)

    I've been reading for a few months now and love the blog!

  10. Have you forgotten my lesson already??

    Friends don't let friends drink Cuervo OR Patron.


    Consider this my entry. I'll take a bottle of Belvedere or Grey Goose, please.


  11. Oh, if my name is drawn *fingers crossed*, I MUST have the mini cans of champagne! I think I will add the availability of that champagne to my list of reasons why I want to move to California.

    At the moment, though, I am in Allentown PA.

  12. Those cans of champagne are fabulous!

  13. I'm almost INSULTED by your exclusion of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill.

    That being said, I'd let you try to turn me into a gin fan. I like tequila and champagne and bourbon. Really, I'm just a drunk. But I don't drink often. Probably because I know I like it too much.

    Circular logic? No?

    Will you personally deliver it to Fairfield, CA if I win? :O)

  14. Gin is fab. With tonic and lime on a really hot day.

    I'm pretty close to you - in fact you showed up on my Linked-In as someone I might know. Your contacts know my contacts or something-or-other. Where was I? Oh yes - I'm in San Jose, CA. And to be really non-anonymous, (formerly) no-blog-rachel.

  15. Champagne, darling!

    Thanks for being the only woman I would fix my husband up with if I were dying of something incurable. If Ish wasn't in the picture, that is.

    Have you considered doing a BlogHer in beautiful Portland, Oregon?

    I suggest a reconnaissance mission.


  16. pick me! pick me!

    why? because...

    ... i love manhattans.

    ... i love both gin AND vodka.

    ... i still enjoy the cuervo, though i have graduated to better brands. most of the time.

    ... i ADORE sofia! i think it's as yummy as the packaging is pretty.

    oh, yeah, and i'm local too. easy shipping!

  17. I like bourbon and whiskey.

    Um, the 17th is a Thursday, not a Friday. How do I know this? Because Friday is my birthday and it is most definitely the 18th.

    Wouldn't it be AWESOME if I won booze on my birthday!?

    I think so! ;)

  18. I just drove 155 miles and then got good and stoned for the first time in 2 days, so I didn't quite follow all those directions but.....can't you tell which are my comments by now?



    am I commenting too much?

    I can curb that

  19. My favourite drink is Bundaberg Rum, if you ever go to Australia you have to try it. It's nice with coke! Or you can by it on tap as brewed with coke, called Bundy draught, this is dessert in a glass.........

    Of your offerings I love the mini champagnes the most. I choose them. I'd be the envy of all my friends at the next party with those.

    If I win, you can send them to me in Brisbane, Australia.


  20. omg, we are booze twins. I swear. I would have picked the exact same thing on every count, but drink champagne the most commonly. And last week I went to my alcohol store and they were OUT of sofia. OUT! The nerve. So yeah, I would pick that. Because I have all that other stuff at home.


    Not that I'd choose tequila, but I have to agree, Cuervo is the worst tequila ever. I drink Tequila Corazon (since you know, it has my name {Corazon} in it) Trust me, drink the good tequila, then try to drink Cuervo and see if you don't gag.

    Thanks for the blog Kristy! (Gotta love Craigslist)

    -Pensacola, FL

  22. Yay, Maker's Mark!

    You are so sweet to think of us, the sober reader's out here!

    North Augusta, SC

  23. You know me, I'm not one to turn down free booze or a chance to shoot off my mouth on someone else's blog. Or really anywhere.

    No, wait, you DON'T know me. That's why I'm an IIF and not a RLF (Real Life Friend).

    Nevertheless, I wouldn't turn down free booze. Especially GOOD free booze. I loves me some tequila, yes I do. And maybe I'd do a shot or two while I write the blog post, so it would be in the right spirit.

  24. Whoopsie. I'm in Saint Petersburg, FL.

  25. You thanked us for reading, but we must thank you for writing! You make me laugh, make me think, and sometimes just make my day. Thank YOU Kristi, for all you do.

    Tequila? I LOVE tequila. But bourbon is good too. Choosing is awful. But I guess I'll go with bourbon. More versatile.

    Greetings from Grand Rapids, Michigan!

  26. Hi! My name is Stacie. I've been reading for a while now and you crack me up. I love this. I don't think that I could choose a booze though. I've never even tried gin before. Sad I know. Sounds yummy. And who could say no to pink cans? So if I won....surprise me. I love surprises!

    I'm from Ohio, by the way, if we were supposed to include that. A stay at home mom, can you tell? hehe

  27. Pick Me! Pick Me!

  28. Great idea! I think I'll steal it.

    Boise, Idaho

  29. Hi! I probably also live waaaayyy too far to have alcohol shipped but I thought this would be a good chance for me to delurk! I've been reading for aaaages and am planning to comment on a more regular basis because I absolutely adore you and your blog!!

    All the way from Tokyo, Japan!

  30. What an awesome prize! Usually I'm a bourbon drinker (Love the Maker's Mark, but if you're ever in the Deep South, give Rebel Yell a try...ridiculous name, but it's tasty)...HOWEVER, the MINI champagne in CANS with STRAW INCLUDED (because EVERYTHING is better with a straw, especially in Columbus, GA!) would have to be my choice. :)

  31. I am another delurking IFF from perhaps 3 years ago? Love the blog and the contest, although I'm pretty sure I don't quite qualify, what with the not being 21 and all (although I'll be 20 tomorrow! Getting closer!).
    Anyway, your blog makes me laugh out loud in my dorm room, and I have read passages aloud to my roommates. So you simply must keep it up.
    Enter me in the contest, but maybe I would get juice instead of alcohol? And I would totally jump at the chance of guest blogging.
    St. Paul, MN

  32. I don't know if I've already had too much champagne with my mimosas this morning but I can't seem to get my comment to post. Darn it! I need that booze! Just kidding. Sort of. I would also love to guest post.

    This is such a great contest.

  33. Oops! Got all excited about the contest and forgot to put my location.

    New York, NY

  34. I'll delurk for a bottle of Patron. I tried to comment earlier but it disappeared. If you do get two comments from me - sorry.

    Sylvie in Madison WI, who once sat in a room full of church people drinking margaritas from the blender jar.

  35. I think Canada Customs would object to booze in the mail, but I'll enter anyway. I have no idea if I like gin, bourbon or tequila since unless it's in a cocktail I haven't tasted it. I know! I am deprived!

    This is a fabulous contest, and I love the blog.

    Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Hey Kristy! I actually had my first (gasp!) gin and tonic the other day and loved it! So, gin, please. BUT I have to suggest this amazing dessert wine that a, er, special Brazilian friend, used to seduc...I mean, gave me out of the goodness and kindness of his heart. Rietvallei Muscadel 2005. I mean, listen to this description: "Deep red in colour, full-bodied, rich, yet gentle. A floral bouquet comes through on the nose, with typical rooibos tea, dust and raisiny sweetness and an intense flavour that lingers on the palate and follows through on the aftertaste." Seriously the best wine ever. You can find it on or, though I think (not sure!) he found it at a Whole Foods. OK, I've now officially taken up too much of your time. Cheers for the contest! x
    - Nicole
    Atlanta, GA

  38. I hate to be the barer of bad news but I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to send booze in the mail in the US either (not just in Canada as the commenter above me said). It's a whole legal with not being able to verify that the person it's being shipped to is over 21 and some other mumbo jumbo. Anyway- It's worth a shot right?

    I think this a fabulous idea and I've greatly enjoyed reading your blog in the past few months or so. Reading through the entries of your separation/divorce really helped me through some tough times of my own when my bf of seven years and I ended things last year.

    Anyway- My name is amber and I live in Denville NJ (a town that unless you live near by no one has heard of). And, I'd have to pick the mini cans of champagne only because they are the cutest thing ever and I've never seen them for myself (oh living in the suburbs)


  39. Thank you for writing Kristy, you always brighten my day! Just like a bottle of Sofia would. Have you been on the Coppola winery tour yet? If you haven't, you must try it and try some Talia Rose while you are there...another yummy offering.

    Reading since the fireman post on Craigslist, now in Belmont, CA.

  40. Silly Kristy. Trying to win our hearts with alcohol and...wait, was that alcohol? Champagne, ooh yes please!

    I'm in the Great Midwest, USA, blogging from work right now when I should be working on a project proposal to the Vice President. I am a loyal SJWAWI reader and since I will even take a chance with the Big Brother IS people tracking my every internetty move, I deserve a drink :o)

    Holy crap, my word verification word is "vodkx" which is close enough to fabulous, right?

  41. Hi there Kristy! A long time reader, and a fellow CT native, (Trumbullite, here!) You transport me to that fantasy world where I had actually left New England for at least a few years and tried something new. I can't leave for good though, this place is home. Just got back from LA and can't believe so many people live there together in (relative) harmony. Too.Many.People.In.California. (in case no one had noticed, just figured I'd point that one out!).

    I'll take your choice of Champagne, although my fav will always be Perrier Jouet, and will remind me of New Years Eve's in Marco Island Florida all through my college years. Winning your contest would let me indulge that side of me without having paid the price! Again, thanks for all the great writing. I'll probably not comment again (the regulars say a collective "phew!").

    Shrewsbury, MA now. (my pathetic attempt at a blog)

  42. Throwing my name in the hat! Who doesn't like freebies?

    Angel in Independence, KY

  43. I totally want in on this sweet prize action, and would do terrible things for a chance to write a guest post.

    Charlottesville, VA

  44. Hi Kristy, I happened on your blog a million years ago when actually wondering where your sister ended up. I roomed with Healy for a while when she was at IU (Hi Healy!) Anyway, I just kept coming back. :) Since it's getting Spring time, and warming up FINALLY in Indiana I suddenly find myself wanting Tequila. So I'll go with that.

    Plainfield, IN

  45. Yay! Contests! Booze! Adventure!

    I love gin but have never had the pleasure of cucumber infusions. If that's not the perfect sounding beach drink, I don't know what is.

    - soozinsta Decatur, GA

  46. I am almost positive that you cannot ship Maker's Mark to me in Attleboro, MA (stupid, puritanical Massachusetts laws)... That doesn't mean I don't want to enter, though. Guest blogging sounds fun!

    Attleboro, MA
    Maker's Mark
    I love your blog

    P.S. There are subway adverts for Maker's Mark in Boston that go a little something like this:
    "Makahs Maaaaahk!"

  47. Count me in! I'm in Parkersburg, WV (at least for another month).

  48. Now I am thirsty, and since I can't quench this kind of "thirst" at the office I will comment instead. I agree only gin martinis for me! I also adore gin & tonics as well as champagne in a can, who knew?!?!?!

    Denver, CO

  49. How fabulous are you for doing this? And I guess this totally gives you the opportunity to see how many of us stalk you daily... :)

    Im from Philly, PA and Im already claiming dibs on you coming here for a book tour when you write that book you talk about every once in awhile...

  50. I love your blog!! I check it your writing.

    Gin for me...the only thing my husband won't drink, so I'll actually get to have it all to myself.

    Signal Mountain, TN

  51. So fun!

    Champagne please! Chicago, IL

  52. Best. Idea. Ever.

    Oh man, now I must spend my entire day fantasizing about guest blog posts. And bourbon, obviously.

    Washington DC

  53. i'm gonna have to say vodka. of the flavored variety, because i'm a girl.

    and the runner up would be those cute little cans of champagne, which i may or may not make a special excursion to a liquor store to find on this very day.

    tri-cities, washington, here. PICK ME! you know, like a booger. har.

  54. I rarely comment here, and I'm not much of a drinker, but I've gotta pay some tribute since you were the first blogger I started reading, also found you on cl in 2005 or so. And now with my 200 or so blogs in bloglines, that seems like forever!

  55. Kristy, I love your blog and the idea of this contest, I have been reading forever! I have read posts out loud to my friends and called my mom in the middle of work to read things to her too. I have laughed out loud at work, at home, and now in class, your posts have also made me cry, and I just keep coming back for more!

    I choose vodka, which apparently was not an option, which makes me sad b/c vodka and I have a sweet love affair! If vodka is really not an option I pick the little pink cans of champagne! They have straws, that's is awesome!

    Philly, PA (Amber S.)

  56. Ooh, I like this idea. I'm going to try many of your selections... they sound good.

    I'm in. Phoenix, AZ

  57. Champagne in cans! Yippee!
    Um, I have a city (Toronto) but no state as I'm a Canuck (province: Ontario). Do I still count for some ILF lovin'? I'll trade you universal healthcare.

  58. FrEe BoOzE? lol ..... Hmmm ... well if Hillary's willing to take shots of whiskey in order to get to the white house, I suppose I can just be the regular lush I am. :) Normally I'd join the whiskey parade, but if I win for some crazy reason, I might as well equate the experience with something new.. so SHIP ME SOME SOFIA!!! (But make sure you package it well.... lately they've been calling us black folks elitists! EEK! And It doesn't help that you know I'm from Connecticut) At any rate, Champagne it is, besides winning will be a cause for celebration. Did I mention that those shoes look lovely on you? Oh, and that the pink packaging is quite gay friendly....... LOL!


  59. I'm making this a gin and tonic summer. Well, a gin and soda summer per your suggestion. What a great idea. Can't wait!
    Oh, and I'm Kathleen from Baltimore, MD, hon.

  60. I LOVED your post about your cat and the tape and the knock on the door. I couldn't stop laughing!

    New York, NY

  61. I am a non-blogging cat owner... maybe I need to start blogging so I don't start writing cat-lady-poetry.. though I've never been much of a poet. Love yor blog, love the mini champagne! I am going to have to get me some of those!
    Michelle in VIlla Park, IL

  62. Gin makes me lose all inhibitions. I could use a little of that in my life right now.

    Very cool.

  63. It's almost gin season. I love a good gin and tonic in the summer. But truthfully, I'm an Evan Williams (a knock off of Jack Daniels that is even way better than Jack) girl year round. I adore a good bottle of wine and champagne makes me giggle. I have many fond memories about tequila, including a drunk dude dropping his pants (he was going commando) in a bar while drinking a shot of patron. So, anything you offer me would make me so very happy.

    Much Boozey Love

  64. Brilliant idea to pull us lurkers out of the woodwork. Free stuff is great. Free alcohol is totally awesome.

    Lewisville, TX

  65. Oh my gosh, best idea ever. Bourbon, please? Maker's? And you like manhattans? hell yeah you do!

    One question though: when I win first prize, can I trade the Amazon certificate for another bottle of booze? pleeease?

  66. Oh, you are SO RIGHT with the Patron. The first time I had really good tequila I had such an awesome night of drunken wonderfulness (and no resulting sickness!) that I have made the switch forevermore.

    Oh, Tyler, TX :)

  67. Oh my gosh, Sophia is now my favorite champagne--although I would be torn between the beautiful bottle and the really fun pink cans! Denver, Colorado.

  68. Kristy-
    You are my hero.
    Thank you, thank you for your writing.
    And for the alcohol.

    Keene, NH

  69. Oh great, now I have to leave my office and go find tiny Champagne's . Do you think anyone would notice it's not just juice?

    Phoenix, AZ

  70. I have been appreciating your blog since my friend Marlo posted on a CL forum about you right when you posted your divorce story. I read the whole thing in one afternoon, cried a little, and have been an overly enthusiastic fan ever since.

    SoMa, SF, CA

  71. Wow! 70 comments already!

    AWESOME contest, BTW.

    The Patron is tempting, but seeing as Tequila and I don't get along, I'd have to choose the Maker's.

    Americus, GA

  72. Well, I happen to be a new reader but I have read your entire blog from start to finish. "Work" has afforded me that opportunity since we are a wee bit slow at the moment.

    Anyway, even if I'm a newbie I still want to win that GIN!

    Snoqualmie, WA

  73. OMG How cute are the minis???????? Adorable!!

  74. Mmmmm, champagne in a can with a straw. Mama likey. I'm in!

    - Lisa B., San Francisco CA

  75. Hi! I would like to enter even though I'm in Canada and probably don't qualify. I just started reading your blog and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy Gin.
    Jamie Anderson
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

  76. I also love champagne! Though I love most kinds of alcohol, with the sole exception of gin which gives me what I can only describe as an instantaneous hangover.

    If you pick my name, I hope that you can pick another name for the guest bogging spot. I don't really have anything to advertise and am even on your blogroll! You posted me on your list and I almost immediately stopped using it. Ah, well.

    -Leah, Detroit MI

  77. I love wine and I love Amazon. Perfect! That Sofia with a straw looks amazing, how have I never seen it before?!

    NPW- Somerville, MA

  78. wow, now i must try hendricks, i love me some gin.
    and p.s. i love the little capri sun type straws that come with the canned champagne
    i hail from spokane, washington

  79. I pick the cute Champagne, I'm already thinking about my guest post about my own breezy elegance, and I live in Los Angeles.

  80. How awesome are you for hosting a giveaway for the IIFs?

    I found your blog a few weeks ago via [redacted] (sidebar: how can one man be so cute AND funny? it would seem to break some sort of universal constant) and have been making my way backwards through the archives (currently in December 2005).

    I don't drink, but I'd love to try this Jones soda everyone is always, um, jonesing about. [/horrendous pun]

    Milwaukee, WI

  81. Yay, I feel so appreciated!

    The Sofia is fantastic - tried it with my wine/book club last week. However, I'm a rediscovered tequila girl these days!

    Thanks for keeping me entertained at work!

    Oakland, CA

  82. hello, friend!

    Please forgive me if others have said this but I'm at work and I don't have time to read all the comments.

    kill joy point #1: I think it's illegal to send booze in the mail. You will have to lie when you send it.

    kill joy point #2: Dude! You have a lot of fans and it will take you forever to write everyone's name down. Do you read She uses to generate her contest winners.

    Anyway! I love you! Thanks for blogging! I'm sure I've said this before, but you were the first blog I ever read and the reason I started blogging. You rule.

  83. I ALSO found this blog from [redacted] months ago and have been enjoying your life from across the Internet.

    Thanks for writing, it is very much appreciated. I'd probably still be reading even if you were writing bad poetry, because I'm sure it would still be entertaining.

    You're awesome. :)

  84. LOVE THIS CONTEST!!! I've been following your blog since it started...I check every day. How about first prize is I get to hang out with you in San Francisco?? :) a non-stalkery way of course.

  85. whoops...I'm in Philadelphia PA - AND I PICK CHAMPAGNE!!! :)

  86. Holy Smokes - am I your only Utah reader??? C'mon Utahns time to de-lurk!!!

    I've been reading your blog since the first go around with the sundress drawing! H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S !

    How "Breezily Elegant" is the Sophia? That would have to be my choice - the bottle please.

    Have a great day!

    Shiree in Salt Lake City

  87. Thank you for this fun contest. I think I'm the only wino so far. And ya know what? If it IS illegal to sent wine in the mail I will come up and spend a weekend in San Francisco and you and I can drink the wine together!

    Huntington Beach, Ca.

  88. I'm not a gin drinker, but I love a good bourbon, and of course Champagne and wine are tops on my list as well (do I sound like a lush or what?? LOL)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you draw my name! (makes it kinda hard to type this way though . . . )

    Decatur, Illinois.

  89. Ok, but can you pour me a *really* excellent dirty martini that's not made with vodka?

    For you, I'd give it a try :)

    Dayton, OH

  90. I love your blog. I love free stuff. And especially Patron. You have good taste in booze. I'll pick my prize up. I totally know where you live.

    SF, CA

  91. Nothing knocks me on my butt quicker than gin. Bring it on!

    St. Louis, Mo.

  92. Well, I'm an alcoholic and belong to a 12 step program, so I'll pass on the "prizes", but just thought I'd add my name as one of your blog readers.

  93. Hi All! I think this is so great. I'll figure something out with the mailing situation, worry not.

    And hunterbao - I understand and if you are selected, I will think of a fantastic substitute! Promise!

  94. Another Dana here -- this one from Suffolk VA. (And I found [redacted] through you! ha!)

    If you pull my name I'd love the Patron. For all the spoilsports who keep pointing out that it's illegal to ship alcohol. ::shhh:: I've done it. You just package it very carefully and tell a little white lie at the post office. I've also carried a lighter on a plane. Live in fear USA!! ;)

    You rule Kristi -- thanks for keeping us entertained.

  95. This is the funnest thing ever!!! You rock.

    I hope I win, although picking a prize would be tough. Your pick of gin: excellent. But I also like Maker's Mark. And Patron (no training wheels for me). Um..I like booze.

    And if I do, I will post a video blog of me (and others? possibly just me) enjoying my prize! :)


    Herndon, VA

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. I don't much like alcohol... but I do like guest-posting. And gift certificates.



    Chicago, IL.

  98. Enticing! Sign me up! Charlie in Ann Arbor, Michigan, wants a bottle of bourbon and a guest post!

  99. Mmmm, boozy. It's been four years baby. Not because I have a problem, but because I have two. Two wonderful babies in two years. Plus, nursing. Just got my boobs back last week - woo hoo perfect timing. So if I'm lucky enough to win I'll let you pick which yummy booze to send my way. thanks!

    Springfield, IL

  100. i love the sofia in tin cans!! champagne at the ballpark.

    san francisco, ca

  101. Hi! I started with your Glamorous Deconstruction, a link from another blog I don't even remember now. I then had to go and read your whole archive, b/c I'm slightly obsessive, and really, anyone who can make you laugh out loud, and then cry later on, and then laugh again totally deserves much thorough reading, I say. So this is already long. I have to say, I'm a vodka girl, but the gin sounds interesting...and the champagne with straws is totally fabulous! And I know Aubrey, Texas could totally use some... :D
    Love ya!

  102. I'm a lover of Hendricks! Mmmm especially in martini form with a cucumber, it was my favorite drink in Scotland.

    San Diego, CA

  103. no way can I avoid a contest offering up Free Booze! as the prize... can I get a Woot!Woot!

    Yeah, that was bad. My apologies. See why I need the booze?

    Umm, champagne please, in the pretty pink cans.

    Eastpointe, MI

  104. OMG, Kristy! This is the most generous, awesome appreciation contest EVER!

    (As is/are the Champagne & bitty little cans!)

    Thank you for blogging - I really enjoy your posts.

    Maple Valley, WA

  105. Now this is MY kind of contest!

    I'll take the Patron, please - might as well go pro right outta the chute. Truth be told I'd drink paint thinner if it were the only thing around but that's a story for another time.


  106. obviously I am so drunk that I cannot follow instructions.


    (original comment above!)

  107. I love a woman who knows the mixological difference between Cuervo and the good stuff.

    Patron, pretty please.

    We love it here in Charlotte, NC.

  108. Champagne! In cans! That are pink!


    Louisville, KY (I know, I know. I should say the Makers. But I can't stomach the stuff.)

  109. First, and I have to say it, but how many of your loyal readers are surprised, in the SLIGHTEST, that your contest is all about the sauce?

    Second, Are you just pulling these out of your liquor cabinet? I mean, if you are, you should advertise that. Doesn't matter to me.. in fact, i think it makes the whole thing that much more ridiculous (translation: irresistible!)

    Third, Are you allowed to send alcohol across state lines? I mean, you should be.. but are you?

    Fourth, I want the GIN - sign me up!

    Bronx, NY

  110. Yay! How cool is that? I have a blog, but I have few readers, so I don't think the same sort of contest will work on mine.

    At any rate: Thanks for the generosity!

    I am Bee
    I am in Mukilteo, Washington
    I choose the Gin.

    Future congrats to whomever wins!

  111. I'll take bribery over anonymity any day! Subtlety be damned. I feel a bit tipsy already just from reading this...all the more reason for inappropriate laughter.

    Pass the Patron please.

    (cherry blossom capital from the garden state)
    Cryptic but true.

  112. Hi Kristy. For your drawing... couldn't you print out all the comments and then cut them up/apart, so you don't have to write people's names on slips of paper?

    Boston, MA

  113. You rock for having this contest! If I wasn't broke, I would totally do that for all 4 of my readers ;)

    Anyway, thanks for the fun - who doesn't love a contest, right?! (especially one that involves boozy good times - love the look of that champagne!)


    London, Ontario, Canada

  114. Okay so I tried to post a comment this morning but blogger was being weird so I am not sure if you got it (I don't think my name is up there).

    So here it goes:
    My name is Sarah
    I love Champagne
    and I live in san jose ca


  116. OOOO, a contest. How fun.
    That cool Champagne is my pick.
    Chicago, IL

  117. Wow - so hard to choose! I normally am ALL over the tequila but I'm not a huge Patron fan (sorry!). On that note you should try out Partida Tequila if you ever see it out. Local distribution (SF) and GREAT GREAT GREAT tequila.

    So on that note I think I must try the mini pink champagne in a can! HOW did I not know about this before? Where do you get them?!?!?! I must have!

    I'm in Livermore, CA now.

  118. There's just something about those little champagne cans! So cute!
    This is the best contest ever!
    West Hartford, CT

  119. Ah Patron, best tequila out there!

    Granada Hills, CA

  120. Kim from San Mateo, CA
    I have had the little can's of sofia, so cute! I actually gave them to my sister for her 21st birthday. Such a cute gift!

  121. Ooh... The champagne in cans with straws is very tempting... But as a Good Southern Girl, I think it might be a sin for me to request anything other than Maker's Mark.

    One of my mom's friends just turned 95 yesterday, and she drinks a little glass of Maker's Mark every day. So there you go.

    Oh, and I'm in ATL, GA.

  122. I'm a wine drinker. I know, not exciting but I love wine, as long as it's not sweet. I live in Harleysville, PA (near Philly).

  123. oh my god this is awesome. i'm not officially entering, because i have to assume that, as most contests, family members are not allowed. besides, "giving" me a bottle would be cheating, because you know damn well you'd be heavily involved in drinking a bunch of it!

    but i wanted to point out that this combination of sentences is patently misleading:

    "My parents' drink of choice was bourbon, so what can you do?

    I have had a lot of fantastic bourbons in recent years, but for whatever reason I keep coming back to the Maker's Mark staple. I rather enjoy it, and I love it in a Manhattan."

    that implies that your folks liked maker's mark or some other fantastic bourbon, or that they were bourbon officionados of some sort. and we know the truth!

    so if for some reason you do include me, and i win, i demand a bottle of old grandad!

  124. HOLY CRAP!

    First of all, this is hysterical. I knew ya'll liked to drink, but who knew there were so many of you? And so many GIN drinkers!?!??!

    Be still, my heart.

    I have to point out a couple things.

    1) I will get around that pesky LAW thing of mailing booze. Don't you worry. (But really? Thank you for worrying, that's so sweet.)

    2) I get that Patron is not the best, but I do enjoy it (I also would not waste it in a margarita). I also appreciate those of you who do NOT like it.

    3) WINE DRINKERS do not apologize or fret. We (I say we because I cannot do it alone, my tastes are very not sophisticated in wine and Ish is all very fancy) will pick something *very nice* out for you if you're the winners.

    4) Nate. That must have been subconscious. I did not mean to imply that my parents drank GOOD bourbon, though I can see how it reads that way. I think the Old Grandad needs its own blog post for sure. I did consider it as a prize, but didn't want to offend anyone. Ha! Maybe it should be the booby prize?? I mean, HOW APPROPRIATE!

  125. Hello there!

    I'm Jenifer. "refinej" on Twitter. I threw my copy of "Eat Pray Love" in honor of you. It did feel good, I must say.

    I don't drink really....can you ship Diet Coke? Or OH! maybe some Oreos even?

  126. Alas, I couldn't accept a prize of booze because of Draconian laws that probably make it not cool to send internationally. But I'll throw my hat in there anyway, because everyone likes a draw!

  127. Do you ship to Canada?

    Toronto, ON <-- Not so easy shipping, maybe particularly for the alcoholic part.

  128. This is an awesome contest!

    Chicago, IL :)

  129. I LOVE Whiskey, and Whiskey loves me!!! (Well, sometimes. Sometimes we are not good friends and need to be separated...)

  130. Once summer arrives in Dover, NH, cravings for cool and refreshing gin drinks will increase exponentially!

    Kristy - I love this idea!

  131. ummm, such a tough choice. I have to go with the sofia, it's so fitting to toast your blog. I've been a long time lurker. Since the post about the firemen and the gym...
    Thanks for the wonderful contest. Made my day :-)

    Trish A.
    St. Louis, MO

  132. I feel as if I have won the contest already, just knowing I can find little cans of pink champagne with straws, which I can put in my little fridge in the little rented home where I hope to shed the last year of my life - which wasn't little at all.
    Nokesville VA

  133. Wow, I could definitely use a little appreciation these days (or so my therapist keeps telling me)... so bring it on. Great contest.

    Inial Aflert
    St Paul, MN

  134. wooot! booze!

    so yeah, i'm delurking -- to tell you i'm a champagne girl...

    los angeles <--close!!

  135. Good god, lots of comments!

    Gin please. I love the tanqueray, though I will gladly try the Plymouth. Hendricks is not for me, nor is Sapphire. I love junipery goodness.

  136. Ooh, ooh! I'll play.

    I love your blog Kristi. It's a breath of fresh air, I can laugh, (point my finger, haha) and RELATE.

    Thank YOU!

    west jordan, utah

    oh and in case you can't guess from my location ... I'm one of those weirdos who does not drink, so hey, I'm a cheap date!

  137. I don't drink either... can I get you to drink the prize and thus post more about what happened?

    Oakland, CA

  138. I have enjoyed your blog posts for a few years but today is my first comment. Ahhhhh, the power of alcohol........

    Well, I'm a vodka girl at heart, but since that is not an option I will choose the tequila. It was a toss up between that and those adorable pink cans of champagne.

    Kent, WA

  139. I also found you in 2005 - not the greatest point in my life. That being said, I worked my way out of an abusive and caged relationship with the support of your endearing, honest, and uplifting words. I realize this sounds so cheesy, but it's the truth. Every new post gave me more strength to find it within myself to move on with what I really wanted and not to compromise. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much for everything.
    XO, Sara Leigh

  140. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen this many comments outside of a Livejournal WhineFest about some new feature that doesn't work :)

    I'm all about the Makers baby. Gin, not my thing, and well, the tequila I am fond of I haven't been able to find in the U.S.


  141. On the hunt today for that pink box. Gotta try it!

    S. in Winter Garden, FL.

  142. Oh you darling girl! The guest spot is tempting, but the pressure to measure up to your wit and charm is immense, so I'll pick the bourbon please.

    Side note, I have been known to smuggle one of those tiny champagne cans into the movies with me. Only when my husband is there to drive.

  143. I've enjoyed your blogs for a couple of years now. I love that the champagne comes in little cans with straws. So very cute! Who knew?

    Bullhead City, AZ

  144. Ohhhhh!!! I dont drink and I want the mini champagne for movie night at Hollywood Forever Cemetary!!! Gotta love LA, we have a shortage of good flat junkie free parks, so we picnic with the dead!!

    I love She Walks!


  145. Hi Kristy! I love your blog and am delurking after well, awhile, because I love tequila. (I was incredibly careful in college to NOT have a bad tequila night just so I could keep enjoying it.) Keep up the hilarity and awesomeness - I regularly laugh out loud and embarass myself at work reading your posts. Thanks!!! -San Jose, CA

  146. I love your blog as much as I love a good bottle of wine... And while I realize wine was not one of the choices, it would be wise to note that after a random night with a 20-yr old boy, I've had to divorce vodka AND gin - at least for the remainder of the 21st century. I do have many questionable friends that love hard liquor and I love to feed it to them in hopes of good material to blog about. Which is why I want to win. I wanna be a guest blogger!!!
    Kristi in OKC, OK

  147. Completely a lurker. However, I must have those MINI'S. Winner or not..... finding out about that made my day, probably even my week.

  148. Delurking to throw my name in for the Gin. Couldn't miss the chance for free booze!

    I'm in Ontario (Kitchener), but it could be shipped to my best friend in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

  149. So not gonna lie, I recently stumbled on your blog only a few weeks ago and love it!
    I have your same sentiments about cuervo, yick...and I heart champagne more than you know (its the best drink EVER) and Im totally (like super) excited to go find the the coppola in the pink cans (AMAZING)
    your blog made my morning

    Sacramento, CA

  150. I've been reading you since you made Best of CL, and I have loved you ever since! And I see that we have very similar drinking styles. Cheers! I'll take the gin or the makers mark. Or the tequila. Or the..whatever because I LOVE ALL OF IT. I do not discriminate against any top shelf liquor!

    Minneapolis, MN

  151. Hooray for champagne! Always an appropriate, festive drink. Being as today is my 30th birthday, I intend to drink quite a bit of champagne this evening!

    Willow Park (Fort Worth), Texas

  152. Hey. One more piece of paper to put in...(geez that's going to take a long time!)

    Champagne for me --
    Peggy E - Independence, Missouri. Pretty much the center of everything (or if you talk to the religious ones around's ZION.)

  153. Holy crap, those minis are going to make great stocking stuffers this year. And I agree whole-heartedly with you on both the gin and bourbon! (though not mixed together...eww....)

    Washington, DC

  154. Hi Kristy - found your blog around a month ago and have read the archives during the recent slow times at work. Will it help my "random" chances if I tell you I CRIED when you got invited to Paris?

    Champagne drunk is my favorite drunk - bottle or cans to me in Chicago please - it might help - MY breezy elegance! xo beth898 in Chicago

  155. OK, I am bad at following directions. I posted yesterday; I am still bzzzzgrrrl in Keene, NH. But I was unspecific about my alcohol choice.
    I pick tequila.

  156. Yay! Your blog + free alcohol = time well spent. Though I usually read it sober, at work. I swear. I really must try the Sofia Blanc de Blanc.

    Highlands Ranch, CO

  157. I love the blog!

    I also love Jesus, but I drink a little. (a phrase I TOTALLY stole from the old woman who calls in to the Ellen show).

    Bring on the champagne!

  158. Thank YOU so, so much for writing! And that said - ooh...prizes. Shiny.
    I have Patron, champagne(although not Sofia), and a teeny bottle of Maker's I am crossing my fingers for Hendrick's, because it sounds lovely. Cucumber is of the good.
    I am actually only sort of a lurkery IIF- I'm listed in the blogroll and comment intermittently from North Canton, Ohio(or Hudson, which is where I work...but we won't tell the boss that part.)

    Also, you won't be mailing booze. You'll be mailing "vinegar", which is totally legal and completely aboveboard.

  159. Me loves booze! YEA!!! Carl in SF.

  160. kristy, i found your blog forever ago when i started reading jester's writings. he told me what a blog was, explained what his blogroll meant and i have been addicted to you ever since. when it is writer's appreciation day, lemme know coz your name is SO going into a hat for a prize. you are a wonderful writer and i hope that i'll get to meet you sometime when my ass is crashed on jester & umb's couch for a few days. (not only did jester get me started on your writings, but he also finally was able to convince me to start my own blog! the man is good!!)

    now back to me. pick me, pick me!! i love booze! i love winning!

    this past weekend i spent in kentucky at the maker's mark mile horse race & touring the distillery again. magical! with that being said, i have plenty of that glorious golden beverage and would actually like to have you pick your beverage of choice for me should i win. the surprise of which bottle would be the only thing that could top winning your contest.

    i'm becky.
    should i win, please ship to pittsburgh, pa.

  161. Smellavision!

    I followed the scent of the Bourbon, only to be disappointed it wasn't Bulleit. Have you tried that one? Dee-lish and dee-vine, I'm telling you.

    I also did not smell Absolut Ruby Red, but then again, I've had a cold. It's been cold and rainy here in Portland, Oregon.

  162. I stumbled in just before Christmas and enjoyed reading about your trip abroad.

    Ditto on the boozi-ness.

    But I'm pulling for the Champagne wrapped in pink toile. I'm a sucker for all things pink!

    Houston, PA

  163. Books and booze. What a combination. I am going to go out and look for those cans of Sophia. Then I too can drink champagne to celebrate days that aren't terrible! That's what I want- only the bottle, for a special occasion. Like a job offer.
    Except I live in Dallas, TX, and I'm not sure you can ship there (booze shipping laws, probably left over from prohibition). But you could ship to my sister in Glendale, California, and I might move out there if I get said job.
    I need some champagne now, though. And, I'd LOVE to guest blog. Especially after a can or two of champagne.

  164. I like that kind of gin too... I bought it on a whim, and am now hooked...

    but as far as winning would go, I would have to go for the champaigne with a straw. How cool is that?

    I'm in St. Paul, MN

  165. Oh! Oh! Pick me!! I mean, I love cats and tequila, what more can you ask for in a winner?

    What a fun contest. Booze is involved!

    I live in Kill Devil Hills, NC. (Yes, that's the real name of the town... frickin weirdo town namers. We're not even in the hills!)

  166. Hey Kristi...I've been a reader for years now and I'm local so shipping is practically non-existant. You make it so hard to choose but I'd go with gin. You sold the Hendricks so well!
    SF, CA

  167. Woo-hoo! Comment, comment, comment! Bring on the champagne! I absolutely love your blog... and I love booze, so it's win win! :)
    Rapid City, SD

  168. OH! And I'm in Sacramento CA

  169. OMG! Champagne in cans!! You have made my entire life! And they are so cute, I bet I could get away with them at lunch at work and no one would be the wiser!

    I don't even care about the raffle, I just LOVE the idea of champange in a can!!

    You rock and your blog makes me laugh!

  170. Wow, 171 comments? I suppose now could be a good time to plug that you also write for

    ooh, that was shameless.

    Seriously, If you want I cans end you an MSR t-shirt to wear during the drawing. Just say the word.

  171. What fun!

    I personally love gin but have never tried Hendrick's so I hope I win!

    Joanna in Cleveland, Ohio

  172. I love the Blanc de Blanc - I'm headed to Napa Saturday so I can get my booze on.

    I Love your blog although I don't regularly post. Your divorce entries which were amazing!

    Jennifer - San Francisco CA

  173. so hard to decide! I really would love the champagne. My husband and I are moving into our new condo may 1st and it would be great to celebrate :)


    Dundas, Ontario - Canada

  174. Important Update!!

    I changed the cut-off time to be 1:59 p.m. (Pacific) today. I never expected so many entries (thanks!) and want to keep the odds of winning GOOD.

  175. this is waaaay too easy.

    something for nothing is not my thing, but if i am randomly chosen, you may end up with some cupcakes.

    and ELISA????? you better be at work next thursday!!

    i like wine. i like single malt scotch.
    i have a bad experience with gin that i have not yet been able to conquer.

  176. I am a champagne kid of gal. I think. I have to say though, I was kind of disappointed that Boones Farm wasn't on the list?
    Champagne for me please.

    Tracy Ciardiello
    Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

  177. expect me to choose between good gin and even better tequila? Well, it's almost summer and that calls for tequila, even far north of the border.

    Robin J.
    Mansfield, MA

  178. champagne!!! write my name on a really sticky piece of paper!
    (does it really come with a straw? wow..)

    felton, ca

  179. OMG, I'm so glad I got here just in time! I will accept any and all booze that isn't whisky (sorry, that includes bourbon). Silver tequila preferred. :)

    Shannon - Madison, WI

  180. Champagne!

    I'm late...but a girl can hope you might bend the rules a smidge?

    Alaina-Washington DC

  181. Dang! That's what I get for taking the day off work and actually do things away from a desk and computer all day.

    Forget the sunshine and flowers. I could have entered a contest to win booze! And gin's my drink too.

    Double dang!


  182. am I shit outta pot luck.... to piss in?

    It's a no win gin situation

    guess who?


  183. guess where?


  184. guess why?



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