Where By "Live-Blogging" I Mean "Blogging Eventually Sometimes"

Travel plans were changed this year. Usually I get to my sister's a couple days before Christmas and stay at least a week. This year, however, I'm juggling plans with me and Ish, so we took a red-eye


and got into Boston at the (feel like I've been smoking) crack of dawn on the 21st. In theory, this was going to give me more prep-time to wrap all the stuff I sent from online, grocery shop, cook, and "hang out." Oh yes, there was going to be PLENTY of time to "hang out" and do stuff like blog and a little work and who knows what else.

Except suddenly, without any warning at all, it's December 26 and I am in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport awaiting a connection to Phoenix. Ish is with me and we are traveling to visit his family tonight, effectively beginning the Christmas arrive-at-family, wrap-gifts, buy-groceries rush all over again. Wheee!

So right. Not so much with the live-blogging.

Although I should point out that I'm writing this LIVE from the Stock Car Cafe where I've a platter of fried foods sitting atop a table that has been laminated with car racing images. I find this festive.

More soon.


  1. I have drank in that "cafe" many times. I always seem to have a lay over there.

  2. Well, at least if anyone asks if you traveled for the holidays, you'll have good stories to tell. Whereas the best I can do is say "Yes, CalTrain was lovely on Christmas Day."

  3. Last time I was in that airport, I was at a table in Chili's and my table was litered with empty drink glasses. :) I remember walking by the Stock Car Cafe thinking about how they'd look funny under my margaritas...

  4. Being away from the computer is a tough one on my pysche. Browsing the net on the cell phone is just not the same. Happy travels.


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