Best Wishes

So my friends, Ben and Emily ("bemily") got engaged on Friday night.

He proposed to her on their five-year anniversary. It was very sweet, and I knew ahead of time and it was all I could do to keep my head from exploding with the knowledge.

Anyway, I could not ever put into words the extent to which this couple makes me laugh, but they do, and constantly. (Ish suggested I pull out a tape recorder some time when the two of them are having an everyday conversation to try and capture pieces of it. Perhaps sometime I will.)

In the meantime, I offer the image below.

In case it isn't evident, Em is telling some highly involved story that she is very excited about.

Note: the story could be about ear wax and she'd be just as animated.

She is also probably getting at least half of the story wrong, which would account for Ben's look.

I can only imagine that in another 50 years or so, they'll look pretty much the same. There may just be more empty wine glasses on the table.



  1. Hiya! Please tell 'em CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! for me...

    *insert sniffles here*

    -el snarkster


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